Do you want to become a fashion stylist?

Ladies anndddd gentlemen!

Soon my new website will be online and therefor I’m looking for talented stylists from all over the world!

The concept: I’ creating a fashion community on where all fashion maniaks/designers/lovers can create an account. This account you can use to post fashion trends you’ve seen on the streets, to post your personal style, add great tips for fashion websites, shops but also gives you space to post you’re own styling work or fashion portfolio. Maybe you can become one of my FASHION EXPERTS!

I’m telling will be amazing!
Contact me if your gut tells you to : )

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3 Responses to Do you want to become a fashion stylist?

  1. That sounds amazing, I’m thinking about styling in the future but at the minute im only 17 and planning on doing some fashion journalism course in London, I have a feeling your website will be massive :)



    • haha great! When the website is done (about 3 weeks) I’ll make a post about it so you can create a profile and you can be one of the’s stylists. It’s not so much about the profession/education but about personal styles/interests/trendspotting from around the world..everybody has a fashion monster inside :)

      We’ll keep in touch!

      • Brilliant! :)
        I’m so excited now! It’s a great idea for a website so I’m really buzzing to be a part of it!

        Let me know as soon as your all set up



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